Interview with Erkki of Dreamtale’s band for blog NQ!

Cover of "Beyond Reality"

Cover of Beyond Reality

NQ: How the band started?
Erkki: Rami put the band together around ’99, simply because he had so much stuff in his head that he needed to put out the music he loves. Dreamtale is his vision – energetic, melodic metal with good feeling.

NQ: How was having Marco HIetala on vocals?
Erkki: Well, as far as I know, back then they were in the studio working on the first album, Beyond Reality, when Rami got laryngitis and couldn’t finish a few of the songs. Spinefarm suggested Marco to do the job, which he kindly did, with his usual professionalism and great voice. What can I say? It’s a nice piece in the band’s biography.

NQ: How is the preparation for the fifth album?
Erkki: We’re heading off to the studio tomorrow and we plan to make demos of the whole album. I think we have the songs that we need for it, but there’s some selecting to be done, as well as some arrangements. I’ve written lyrics for about half of the songs 6-7 and the main storyline is pretty clear. It’s going to be a concept album, so there’s a bit more work to be done in making the words fit the music and vice versa, but I think it looks good. It’ll certainly be different than Epsilon, at least!

NQ: How was the mini tour in Russia?
Erkki: Oh, Russia is always good fun, but this time it was also a lot of hard work and physical stress, as we didn’t have much time to rest between shows. We traveled in a minibus after each show and there was little room to sleep… That combined with the ruthless Russian roads meant that it was harder to perform with as much energy as we are used to. But the audience always helps!

NQ: And about the travel to Italy? What more you liked there?
Erkki: Italy was a first for us and it seemed that not so many people had heard of our shows as we thought. Luckily we toured with a local band Spellblast – they were and are great guys and it was fun! Warm, good food and wine… Beautiful women… Hope to play there again next year!

NQ: What are the influences for the band’s style?
Erkki: I think Helloween and Gamma Ray are the most obvious ones – they’re Rami’s favourite bands and he doesn’t hide that. Still I think with my singing and the way we play together we’ve managed to create our own mixture of different flavors. We also experiment a bit with some disco/industrial-type influences, like with Failed States or Angel Of Light, which seems to work really well in concerts. So, that’s it.

NQ: With which band would like to share the stage?
Erkki: The shows we have done with Stratovarius have suited us well, as our styles go well together. Helloween would be awesome, too… As for me, I would kill to be able to share the stage with Maiden!

NQ: What country would like to know?
Erkki: I guess it would be cool to tour the Americas, North and South, as I’ve never been there. Japan has a special place in my heart, since our label there has worked with us on all of the 5 albums, so it would be nice to pay them a visit sometimes. Also, I have always had a taste for Jamaican women, so someone please organise a show there!

NQ: What do you know about Brazil? Or what do you think of Brazil.
Erkki: Some of my friends have played there, like the guys of Poisonblack, and they said the audiences are fantastic. So that would be nice to experience… I think South America in general is a good place for metal bands. People there know what they like. Good people!

NQ: Any explanations for the fans?
Erkki: Well, hope to see you soon! And try to get your hands on our next album, if you like melodic metal with a great story! Who knows, your world might change forever…

By: Melissa


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