Interview with Jarkko Ahola to the Blog Northern Queens.

English: Finnish heavy metal band Teräsbetoni ...

English: Finnish heavy metal band Teräsbetoni live Deutsch: Finnische Heavy-Metal-Band Teräsbetoni live (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Interview with Jarkko Ahola to the Blog Northern Queens.

Hello people! It is with great happiness and gratitude that we publish this interview in our blog, as you know, Jarkko usually very attentive and loving with the fans, and once again showed that, answering our questions for the interview. Honestly, we don’t have words to show how happy we are with it, and thank the King, Jarkko for our attention. Thanks Jarkko Ahola! I wish all our idols were like you.
 We also thank the fans of the Kings who are supporting us with this idea, especiallythose who also sent us your questions: Renata Mendes Maciel Vander Souza,Matthew Oliveira, Karina Medina, Mari Stabile, Marja Jaroslava, Jaa Vii.
Queens: How did the idea for the project Northern Kings?
 Jarkko: It was something that was born during the gigs with Raskasta Joulua. I guess many of us were thinking: “Why aren’t we doing something else together?” I am not quite sure who is the father of the project, but Erkka Korhonen has been conducting the case mostly so he surely is one of the biggest authors in putting it together. Osku Ketola from Warner Music thought that it was a good idea and we started doing demos. And that’s how it began.
Queens: Is there any possibility of having a tour of the Northern Kings?
 Jarkko: Never say never, but at the moment I have no clue or idea when this would take place.
Queens: When vain launch 3rd album and what are the covers?
 Jarkko: This is also one of the cases which I can’t add much new info, since I have none. There are no actual plans for the third album but somehow I think that its time will come sooner or later.
Queens: When you return to Teräsbetoni?
 Jarkko: Well, we’re having a good break and it takes as long as we feel good about it. So, no hurry.
 Queens: Teräsbetoni has a medieval theme as well, you always liked that sort of thing? If yes, what  you most like in this season?
Jarkko: I guess this is like a mix of different times and it’s more like a world of fantasy. You know, Conan the Barbarian -kinda world. It’s pretty common in Heavy Metal and like many metal bands, we also wanted to back up a bit and move things into this day. Not totally forgetting the fantasy elements but widening our ways of expression.
Queens: What are your plans for later this year?
Jarkko: We will be taking it easy and seeing how our album is received. Doing the possible gigs and tightening the band by doing those shows. So, mostly our plans are gigs, gigs and gigs. I’ll start writing new material when I feel good about it. I’m having some kind of thoughts of what kind of stuff I’m going to do.
Queens: Intend to do a show here in Brazil?
 Jarkko: That would be just lovely! It’s just that Brazil is kinda far away and we really need a promoter who’d handle all the stuff that’s not about music.
Queens: You have always dreamed of being a musician or as a child thought to be something else?
Jarkko: Not always. When I was a boy I liked to draw and made cartoons with my friend. I guess I wanted to be a cartoonist or something. I was 13 years old when I saw the drum kit for the first time. And when I sat beside them and hit them the first time – I was gone! I wanted to be a drummer but of course my parents couldn’t afford them…so, what can you do if you have no money? You can always sing. That’s how it started.
Queens: How do you imagine Brazil?
 Jarkko: Well, I know that Brazil is a big country with lots of different kind of growth and  animals. A colorful country that has lots of people. I really want to see the rainforest. It must be something so different from the coniferous forests we have here. And what I’ve learnt, you guys really like Finnish rock and metal music there. That can’t be bad! 🙂
Queens: You have spoken to Marco, JP and Tony?
 Jarkko: Sure, every time we see each other. Usually this is during the Christmas time when we’re doing the Raskasta Joulua gigs.
Queens: Would you like to leave a message for fans who will read this interview in the blog?
 Jarkko: Sure. I want to thank all of you for listening and supporting me and the bands I’ve been involved with. I also think I should thank especially Marco and Tony for making up the way for the guys like me. Keep on listening, dear people!

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