Interview with Zach Hietala for the blog Northern Queens!!!

Zachary Hietala from Tarot

Zachary Hietala from Tarot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1 – Where do you get inspiration to compose the songs?

I just start to play guitar and things coming and go, not the rocket science there.
Time to time, songs are sounding in my mind and I try to get the ideas out by playing.
But sometimes I need to sit down with the guitar and think out of different parts of the songs.
This was what I did with my latest album A2Z Parasites Of Paradise. My co-op guitarist Ari sent me his parts and I needed to compose my parts for the songs, it was kinda easy to do, ‘cause I immediately had the vision of the whole songs and my fingers did the rest.

2 – What was the country that you like most when you traveled?
There are not the special country, but in Latin America, people are most fanatic for the bands and it’s pleasure to play for them live. Audience is so crazy.

3 – What are you planning to do in the coming months?
Nothing special… I just started my summer vacation from the day job, so I try to compose the new songs for Tarot and have relax 🙂

4 – How do you deal with harassment?
What do mean by harassment? Fans behavior? Sometimes it’s annoying, but mostly I don’t consider it harassment at all.
If you do an any art, you need to accept fans are interested about your doings and have to give them bits and pieces of you, wanted or not. That’s the reality.

5 – What is music to you?
Whole life, he he! Ok… It’s been the huge part of my life since I was a kid, so cannot think the situation there are no music in my life.
Our father (R.I.P.), was playing guitar and sung for us, when me and my bro were kids, so it was easy to us to start the playing as well.
I’m big fan of the bands as well and buying new music all the time, I get new inspiration and kicks of them too.

6 – Which instruments can play?
I can play guitar and bass, drums as well and bit keys. Singing I can do quite well, but too shy to do leads, he he! Ok… I’ve done a lots of backing vocals on Tarot albums, but never the leads for real. Maybe someday…

7 – Which instruments would you like to learn to play and had no chance?
Never think that and I just satisfied on what I’m doing now.

8 – What is your favorite guitarist?
There are so many of them… Tony Iommi, Ritchie Blackmore, Judas Priest guys… Old school metal guitarists are my inspiration source.

9 – Have you ever been to Brazil? In what places? If I would not come to know?
Yes we’ve been there. We played in Sao Paolo and Curitiba on our Gravity Of Light tour and it was just great. Wanna be there again.

10 – What you hear about the Brazilian people?
They can party and it was true, he he! We had sooo great time there and we party with fans night and day. Almost got back in home alive, he he!

11 – How is working alongside his brother Marco Hietala?
Brother is great guy and surely feet on the ground person indeed. He never acts like super star, which he really is and easy going to work with in the band.

12 – What is considered the musical work in Finland? People see you as a big celebrity or see the musical work as a common work?
I don’t consider myself a celebrity, I’m one of the neighbor guys, he he! Seriously, I’ve been around so long, I have the specific status here. But I haven’t let it to change my personality or influence of my behavior at all. In music scene in Finland, heavy metal is one of the biggest things right now and hopefully it gonna stand along? We have such great metal bands around and lots of art to show in real.

13 – Let a message for your fans and readers of the blog Northern Queens.
Feet in the mud, fists in the sky!

Yours Zac


Zach Thanks for your attention! 😀

Ane Charon


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